Mike H. was incredibly helpful for us getting things done behind the scenes while I was able to focus on my daily responsibilities.  Our move/transition would not have been as successful without Mike.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we cannot thank him enough.
We are delighted with our new phone system, camera system and keypad entry system that your company just installed. The cameras are crisp and clear allowing us to see all our classrooms as well as outside our facility. With our phone and entry systems integrated, we can now not only see and talk to who is at our doors, but can allow entry using our phone. The installation went very well and the technicians took time to explain the equipment and make sure we understood how to use it. I must say, this entire process from ordering to installation was a pleasure. Your staff is knowledgable, professional and very patient. We sincerely appreciate the guidance throughout and highly recommend in Sync Systems.
Joel does good work and always is concerned with getting everything done right!
I wish AT&T would have been as prompt with their part of the job as In Sync Systems was.  Everyone in your company has been a pleasure to work with!
Great work!  Love the new phone system.  A much need upgrade to our office.
Over the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with In Sync Systems. In that time they have been my go-to company for all communication and security equipment needs. We also selected In Sync Systems to do the work on our new addition to our facility. This has allowed me to form a very accurate opinion of the company and the way they do business. Whenever I call I am greeted with a pleasant friendly voice that almost seems to have been expecting my call. Their knowledgeable service team enjoys going out of their way to help you. I do not know much about the technical stuff but what I do know is that In Sync Systems is raising the bar and setting the standards for customer service.
Everyone at In Sync Systems was great to work with. Your whole team made the daunting task of moving offices easier. Thank you!
I appreciated the staff's willingness to adjust schedules around electricians, carpeting crews and other workmen. We were able to open days earlier than planned after a remodeling project with their help.
Everyone at In Sync Systems is efficient, courteous and knowledgeable.
Great job as usual! I couldn't ask for more!

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