Premised, On-Premise, Cloud-based, VoIP.  What is the difference and what will work best for my business?

Let’s define the difference—

A premised based service (also known as PBX or IP-PBX) is defined by having the telephone server being kept at your business location.  Phones are present throughout your office.  Calls are routed through by a local telephone company.

Cloud based (also known as VoIP or hosted) actually works through the “cloud”.  The company providing the service maintains the server at their location.  Just like premised based phones are placed in the office.  Updates are done by the service provider and does not require a visit to your business.

What works best for you—

You should have a trusted partner assist you in determining the right solution for you.  In Sync Systems can help navigate through your options.  Watch for future blogs to learn more about each solution.